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Center for Retailing Studies

Website: www.crstamu.org


A retailer’s challenge in 1980 was the catalyst for the creation of the Center for Retailing Studies at Texas A&M University. Donald Zale, son of Morris B. Zale who founded the well-known jewelry corporation, challenged three business schools: "Do something for retailing." Texas A&M responded and Mays Business School became the first business school in the nation to make a formal commitment to retailing education. 


Since opening our doors in 1983 more than 2,300 students have completed coursework, internships and leadership programs that have prepared them for professional careers in retailing, making our program one of the largest in the nation.  Our graduates have the diverse business skills, practical experience, and ethical values needed by today’s business community.  They are ready to make an immediate, positive impact.


Our mission is clear.  We want to be the nation’s leading academic institution committed to retailing education, service and research.


Respected throughout the world as a leading source of industry knowledge and a pipeline for developing talent, the Center has successfully served the complex needs of retailers for more than 25 years.  Our Center is built on the outstanding performance of the faculty at Mays Business School and excellence in student education programs.  We help retailers, from the world’s largest to local single-store businesses, as well as the diverse companies that help make retailers great, by bridging the academic and business communities. 


Partnerships with more than thirty top companies supports the Center’s mission.  Though these sponsorships and valued industry relationships, we stay strongly tied to the needs of those we serve.  Our curriculum, executive conferences, and research initiatives constantly evolve to address the modern needs of retailers.

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